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Rejection of GST refunds on frivolous grounds


Delayed GST refunds


Faulty Deficiency Memos leading to rejection of refunds


Lack of awareness on GST refund for domestic supplies


Being an Exporter and facing challenges in getting GST refunds

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    We are the #1 GST Refund Consultant in new Delhi

    • Anti-Bribery Management System: We follow a structured approach to building trust and transparency and managing risks in everything we do.
    • No Success No fees: We charge our clients only when a refund is credited to their account.
    • High Throughput: We have specialized systems designed to handle a high volume of data for various transactions of the client along with a focus on confidentiality and barrier to unauthorized access.
    • Superior Customer experience: We provide superior customer experience via better interactive dashboards, enhanced UI/UX, channel partner discovery, limited manual intervention and smooth GST Refund process, etc. throughout the customer journey.

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