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Our comprehensive litigation support services provide you with the optimal blend of effectiveness and affordability precisely when you require it the most. Our team consists of highly trained and compliant professionals who stand ready to support every stage of the litigation life cycle - from initial placement to the ultimate resolution of the matter.


Why you are getting GST Notices?

  1. Difference between GSTR1(GSTR9) and GSTR3B.(under declaration of output Tax)
  2. Wrong filling from the side of buyer(GSTR2A vs GSTR3B RCM)
  3. Restriction and Reversal of ITC under rule 42-43(Lack of explanation about exempt supplies)
  4. Under Declaration of ineligible ITC
  5. Delay in compliance
  1. Lack of due deligence (about the suppliers GST details)
  2. Wrong classification of goods and services.
  3. Wrong valuation of goods and services.
  4. Availment of ineligible benefit of an exemption notification.
  5. Stock mismatch.
  6. Export of goods and services under guise of LUT but no LUT is found.

Various phases of the litigation process we handle are as follows:

GST ASMT 10 Notice under section 61

The excess input tax credit(ITC) claimed on account of non-reconciliation of information declared in GSTR-09:

GST ASMT 10 Notice under section 61

The tax on outward supplies under declared on reconciliation of data in GSTR-09

GST ASMT 10 Notice under section 61

ITC to be reversed on non-business transactions & exempt supplies

GST ADT 01 issued under section 65

Disallowance of Credit note issued

GST ADT 01 issued under section 65

Non payment of tax liabilty on particulars transaction

Rest assured, throughout these phases, we maintain a steadfast commitment to providing you with exceptional end-to-end litigation services, ensuring your legal matters are handled with precision and care.

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