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Our comprehensive litigation support services provide you with the optimal blend of effectiveness and affordability precisely when you require it the most. Our team consists of highly trained and compliant professionals who stand ready to support every stage of the litigation life cycle - from initial placement to the ultimate resolution of the matter.

End-to-end litigation Support Services

We cover a broad spectrum of offerings that assist clients throughout the entire litigation process. We offer an extensive array of comprehensive litigation support services, encompassing the following:

  1. Consultation and Case Evaluation: Our experts review the documents and calculate the amount of the refund claim and assess its eligibility. They provide valuable insights and advice on the best course of action.
  2. Document Preparation: Assisting in the preparation and compilation of all necessary documentation required to support the refund application, ensuring compliance with relevant Filing and Representation:
  3. Filing and Representation: Filing the GST refund application on behalf of the client on the GST portal and representing them before the appropriate authorities, such as the GST department or appellate tribunals.
  4. Compliance and Audit Support: Ensuring that all GST compliance requirements are met, and providing support during any GST audit that may arise during the refund process.
  5. Data Analysis and Verification: Scrutinizing financial and transactional data to ensure accuracy and consistency in the GST refund claim, minimizing the risk of discrepancies.
  1. Legal Research and Opinions: Conduct in-depth legal research to substantiate the grounds for the refund claim and provide expert legal opinions when required.
  2. Response to Queries and Notices: Handling any queries or notices received from the GST department during the refund process and preparing comprehensive responses on behalf of the client.
  3. Appeals and Litigation: If the GST refund claim Post-Refund Support:t the client in appeals and litigation proceedings before the relevant courts or authorities.
  4. Updates and Reporting: Keeping the client informed about the progress of their GST refund case and providing regular updates and status reports.
  5. Risk Management: Identifying potential risks and challenges in the GST refund process and implementing strategies to mitigate them effectively.
  6. Post-Refund Support: Assisting with post-refund activities, such as reconciling accounts and ensuring compliance with any post-refund requirements.

Our aim is to streamline the GST refund process, enhance the chances of successful refunds, and minimize the complexities and challenges involved in dealing with GST authorities.

Various phases of the litigation process we handle are as follows:

Document Review

We meticulously gather the necessary documents from our clients, the GST portal, and other relevant sources. Our team conducts a thorough review of these documents in alignment with the requirements of the case.

Draft Preparation

Drawing upon the expertise of our professionals and a deep understanding of GST Laws and other relevant regulations, we meticulously prepare the draft for the matter including the comprehensive documentation and annexures.

Electronic Memo Filing

After a final review of the drafted memo, we proceed to electronically file the same on the GST portal, ensuring all annexures are accurately attached. If required, we also submit a hard copy of the memo to the departmental officers.

Representation in Hearings

Our dedicated team member visits the department to actively engage with the officers, presenting your case diligently and striving for a favorable order.

Post-Decision Support

Following the issuance of a favorable order, we continue to support you in the process. Our team works diligently to ensure the timely and successful transfer of the refund amount directly to your bank account.

Rest assured, throughout these phases, we maintain a steadfast commitment to providing you with exceptional end-to-end litigation services, ensuring your legal matters are handled with precision and care.

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